Hawa Pigeons
Dirk Van Den Bulck

truly an exceptional sprint breed
Dirk Van den Bulck has won an impressive number of championships and ace
pigeon titles in recent seasons, and not only in his loft. Other fanciers from
all over the world have benefited from the exceptional speed of the Van den
Bulck pigeon breeds as well.

The pigeon family of Dirk Van den Bulck gained international recognition in 2012, the year when his
top-class hen Olympic Rosita BE126254038 took the title of first Olympiad Pigeon Cat. F in Nitra

Olympic Rosita continued to impress by breeding two world-class brothers: Kittel, BE13-
6139803 and Greipel BE13-6139849, which finished in 1st and 6th place respectively in the national
ace pigeon championship KBDB sprint 2013. Greipel, Super Sprint 873 BE13-6139873, and a full
brother of the grandmother of Greipel and Kittel has also managed to win the title of first national
champion sprint KBDB 2013. This is quite a palmares for this bloodline.
Impressive numbers
We look at the most prominent national titles:
1st National ace pigeon KBDB young birds sprint 2013 with Kittel
1st National champion KBDB Young Birds Sprint 2013 with Greipel
& Super Sprint 873/13
1st Olympiad pigeon Nitra 2013 category F with Olympic Rosita
4th National ace pigeon KBDB young birds sprint 2012 Olympic
6th National ace pigeon KBDB young birds sprint 2013 with
6th National KBDB Young Birds Sprint 2010