Hawa Pigeons
Gert Heylen

Gert Heylen is one of the best operators in Belgium especially in the sprint arena. Not only is he a
fantastic fancier in his own right, but his pigeons are having a truly HUGE impact at other lofts – and
many of the o spring of these birds are household names in the UK.
I’ll give you some examples if I may?
We all know that “OLYMPIC ROSITA” is one of the nest racer/breeder hens in Belgium history. A crack
racer she truly left her mark by being the direct Dam of “KITTEL”, “GREIPEL”, “NEW KITTEL” etc. Well, the
G.Sire of “OLYMPIC ROSITA” is “BLAUWE GERT” (The clue’s in the name).
“BLAUWE GERT” is the direct son of Gert Heylen’s famous “JACKPOT” cock.
In recent weeks we have acquired a DIRECT SON of the famous “JACKPOT” cock and 2 G.Children of his
famous son “BLAUWE GERT”
Another exciting example of the talents of Gert Heylen’s birds can be found in Leideman Brothers
“GOED GRIJS” B15-6106415.
This incredible hen won
1st NPO Laon 6,371 birds
1st Duffel 5,821 birds
1st Heusden Zolder 2,775 birds (2nd fastest 11,336 birds)
1st Laon 1,052 birds
1st Wijchen 786 birds (2nd fastest 3,617 birds)
1st Heusden Zolder 656 birds (2nd fastest 5,927 birds)
1st Hapert 231 birds