Hawa Pigeons
Robin Van Leuven

Robin Van Leuven the youngster short
distance specialist!

Although Robin is still one of the few who are still at work all day, he always
manages to shine with his fast-paced youngsters on the short distance.
His tribe is built with top material by Dirk Van Den Bulck (mainly Goede Rode &
Halbbruder Kittel) and Stefaan Lambrechts from the old base pair “Blauwe Gert”
807-6337270 X “Van Loock Duivin” 807-6336568.
ACE-bird 2017 im Diamantverbond Bl 7-6083223
ACE-bird 2017 Duivenbond Berlaar Bl 7-6083232
ACE-bird 2017 im Diamantverbond Bl 7-6083220
ACE-bird 2018 Duivenbond Berlaar Bl 8-6153066
ACE-bird 2018 im Diamantverbond Bl 8-61 53062