Hawa Pigeons
Rudy Van Reeth

Pitbull Dynasty of Rudy Van Reeth (Herenthout, BE) has done tremendously
well both at home and abroad
It was thanks to Pitbull and his fantastic descendants that Rudy Van Reeth developed into
an internationally renowned fancier. And numerous other lofts at home and abroad have
been highly successful with the help of Pitbull’s descendants. And this bloodline is also very
well suited for crossbreeding, as you can tell from the many references.

The fantastic breeding bird ‘Pitbull’
This phenomenal breeding bird has won six first prizes as a racing bird, but he proved even more
talented as a breeder. Pitbull descendants have claimed a grand total of 75 first prizes, along with
several ace pigeon titles at national and provincial level. The following titles were won by Pitbull
descendants in recent years:

  1. prov. ace pigeon sprint YBD KBDB 2014
  2. prov. ace pigeon sprint YBD KBDB 2015
  3. Nat. ace pigeon sprint YBD KBDB 2015 (Vermeerbergen-Wilms-Mostmans)
  4. Nat. ace pigeon sprint YBD KBDB 2014 (‘Tornado’ – Yves De Wit)
  5. NL Olympiad pigeon 2017
    And they claimed the following first prizes:
    1st Quievrain – 1,008 pigeons
    1st Quievrain – 1,022 pigeons
    1st Quievrain – 821 pigeons
    1st Noyon – 1,012 pigeons
    1st Noyon – 822 pigeons
    1st Noyon – 556 pigeons